Are you planning on gifting someone who has it all? Wait a minute! Thinking of gifts for someone who has everything can be problematic. He/she has everything and seems okay? That can make it hard to decide on which gift is perfect for such a person. Just think about it, someone who has everything seems not to need anything! That man or woman is rich or probably can afford whatever they want. Yet, you can still find unique gifts for such a person; things he/she has never thought of having. Let’s discuss some of the brilliant gifts for someone who has everything.

A Wonderful Experience


Did you think that gifts can be only tangible things? If so, then that’s wrong. Gifts are more than items. Even doing something to someone that will make them feel special and loved can be a gift. That said, who doesn’t love nice experiences? Of course, most of us cherish good memories.

Therefore, arrange to take that “have it all” person somewhere fun or adventurous that they can remember for a long time. Knowing that you took the time to think of such places will excite them so much. Concerts, hot air balloon rides, skydiving, sporting events, and more can work.

A Personalized Gift

Everyone, including someone who has everything, can’t resist a personalized gift. The personal touch created can bring out the difference between such a meaningful gift and just another one. So, find something gorgeous with an engraving or design specifically for your person.

Let that gift be something the person will/can genuinely use. It doesn’t have to be expensive; a few creative and thoughtful ideas can suffice. It can be an engraved “magic” flask, wine glass, mug, personalized jewelry, or even clothes.

Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset

Do you have a boy, man, or even a lady expecting a birthday or special occasion? Then, this new VR headset is a perfect idea. Everyone will love it, especially boys who are into gaming. It’s the next thing in gaming or even watching from such sites as Netflix.

Birthday gifts can be crazy to figure out, more when the recipient involved has everything. But, with this device as a present, you’ll rock someone’s heart and sweep any person off their feet. Check out weird birthday gift ideas at that friends will never forget at Savagespot.

The Toaster

Those who love cooking will undoubtedly appreciate adding more appliances to their kitchen. This unique toaster harnesses the elusive powers of steam to churn out perfectly golden, crunchy bread, pastries, and even pizza. It’s what every lover of cooking will want!

A Pair of Fluffy Slippers

If you have a sister or girlfriend who has everything, why not surprise her with this pair of ultra-plush and fluffy slippers? She’ll truly appreciate it, especially if she didn’t have it. It will keep her looking glam and feeling comfy while she runs around the house. The slippers are cute!

A Classy Italian-Made Whiskey Set

If I had everything, but someone still brought me this as a gift, I wouldn’t refuse. The whiskey set is complete with five dazzling wine glasses, a decanter, and a topper that can make a drink time fancier. The items are of high quality. Anyone can love getting the set, especially wine lovers!

Pocket Palette

I’m sure a high percentage of people who get this “dirty” gift will laugh and at the same time love it. The little pocket palette includes BB cream, mascara, and blush/lip tint. It can save someone from having to carry an entire makeup bag everywhere. It’s so convenient, light, and feels and looks natural. If you gifting somebody interested in convenience, you can check more choice here.

A Tri-Fold Organizational Wallet

This wallet is an excellent gift for everyone; it’s much better than even some of the costlier wallets people might have. It can hold every document you own. It’s in an envelope design and opens up easily so you can see everything. It contains the right amount of organizational space for some of the vital documents people have (IDs, credit cards, passports, and others).

A DIY Project

If the person is obsessed with artwork, painting, or design, then getting a delightful DIY project that will allow him/her to construct a super detailed space is a classic idea. Some people like doing things that make them happy, and getting them to do such is brilliant.

An Impressive Journal

Most people like keeping track of their daily activities and that makes getting someone an excellent journal like an impactful two-minute morning journal a perfect idea. Such a journal can help them start their mornings on a positive note and with gratitude. Especially for those who like mentally checking off their accomplishments, the journal will help them greatly.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Christmas is fast approaching, and you’re thinking hard about what to give someone as a present. Why not do something as strange as getting them noise-canceling headphones? People who work in a loud shared workplace will undoubtedly appreciate them.

Even without playing music, the headphones can allow someone to enjoy relative silence. Everyone will love a Christmas gift that helps them to escape the loud modern life and find a little more space for themselves, even if they have everything.  Savagespot offers some of these ideas to escape normalcy during Christmas.

Gift Cards

Those who have everything know what they need and can’t be forced with a gift of what they aren’t looking for. While gift cards are thought to be a cop-out, getting someone a gift card for their favorite store or activity is cool. It tells them that you consider their choices and preferences while acknowledging that they prefer doing some things like shopping for themselves.

A Night Out

We all appreciate and need a night out sometimes. So, why not plan one for your recipient? Do all the planning from start to finish and surprise him/her. If the person has young children, remember to plan for a babysitter for them.

Final thoughts

Getting a perfect gift for someone who already has everything can be tricky. However, the challenge isn’t in choosing the ideal item, but instead in finding the right way to express love and appreciation. This blog has considered only a few gift ideas. You can apply a little more creativity to come up with other gorgeous gift ideas for even weird people. Putting extra effort can also help. Check Savagespot for more gift’s ideas for weird people.   

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