How to Curse Someone in 5 Simple Steps

Disney’s Maleficent cursed a baby because she wasn’t invited to her christening. Pretty sure everyone remembers this iconic yet petty scene from the popular animated film.

A curse is a magic spell which when placed on someone can cause them to harm in some way. The level of intended harm has a worryingly large range – from mere mental stress to deathly physical illnesses and sufferings, sometimes even death. Curses have often been liked to linked to black magic, so even as a non-believer, there’s no chance to take them lightly. Also, check out this article if you’re looking for how to cast a spell on someone for revenge.

If you are looking up this article with a view to actually learning how to place a curse, we will reveal that in a while – this isn’t a hoax. But you have to consider the severity of a situation when you wish to place a curse. Usually, when do people resort to black magic to teach another a lesson?

Why Would I Place a Curse on Someone?

It may have been a friend who turned on you, a colleague who cost you a promotion, or a former lover who left you shattered for days. Vengeance is a dish best served cold, so when you want the absolute worst for the ones who messed with you, check out how to cast a spell on someone for revenge.

There will be many occasions in life when someone will be dying to get a curse out of you, and it’s at these moments where you must unleash the full wrath of curse spells to teach them a lesson for good.

A written curse placed on someone can be termed as a curse-spell. The latter is much more powerful as it’s baked up with a form of spiritual power. It also sticks with the person it was placed on. In essence, a curse spell is stronger, catalyzed, tougher, spiritually inclined – meant to be the effective version of a regular curse.

Who Can Place Curses?

Since it was mentioned many times that a curse spell is quite powerful and involves calling the spirits, you may be thinking that any common human wouldn’t be able to perform them.

History has taught us that the pre-requisite for placing a curse is being a wizard or witch with a background of practicing witchcraft. This statement is authoritatively false and misleading. You don’t have to be an occultist to place a strong and potently effective curse on a person that makes you mad. As long as you can form coherent sentences, you can harness your inner power and place a curse.

Guide on How to Curse Someone

A quick disclaimer before we get into the steps: Placing a curse is beyond the natural realm. These strong words can have quite serious consequences, so if any issue can be solved with you forgiving the person and moving on, do consider that. Not only can curse spells be life-threatening, but they can also back-fire. You might think that after placing a curse on someone, they’re going to bite the dust while you lead a fulfilling life, but do keep in mind that with topics that are spiritual, it doesn’t take long to turn the tables.

With that being said, if you’re 100% sure about it, here’s how to proceed with putting a curse on someone.

  • Just like what anyone would stereotypically assume, placing curse-spells is done best within the depths of the night. All the steps must be carefully carried out when darkness has settled into the outer world and complete silence envelops you. Sit on any plain surface, or your bed and form something like the alphabet “L”. 
  • Pronounce this statement: “Evil Live Evil” repeatedly for a minute. The process has begun, and it’s time for you to picture the person you want to put a curse on.
  • Their picture immediately pops into your head, and you’re bubbling with the urge to punish them for their wrongdoings. Now, visualize a horrible event for them – a brutal incident. For example: Imagine them dying a painful death from an airplane crash or car blood, or lying in a pool of blood after being hit on the head – the punishment you deem fit for the person. Keep in mind that the spirits will be near you at this moment, working their keys and settling in to further the process of the curse spell. So, if you don’t want the person to pass away in real life, please don’t visualize a death for them. These things shouldn’t be taken lightly as they’re far from a silly joke.
  • Following that, rejoice in your head, feeling happy about the agony the person will have to go through. The spirits in the room will be readying their powers to cause harm to the person in real life. The more you celebrate this moment in your mind, the more impactful will be the spell.
  • As a cherry on the icing, recite this statement in a low tone: “Powers of the darkness, finish this! Mulkrin, you have completed your task.” This will invoke the unseen powers of the night. Keep silent for a minute, and remind yourself that you sincerely want this person to face miseries. Await the evil you’ve called upon them.

Mulkrin is actually occultist Damien Mulkrin, a person infamous for his evil acts. He’s also referred to as the “Devil’s Incarnate.” It’s said that whenever someone recites his name with a view to summoning his powers, the spirits of the darkness get the call and wake up.

Bottom Line

As much vengeful as it sounds, letting your enemies go scot-free is synonymous to handing them an invitation letter to cause you pain again. On days when Karma fails to avenge us, matters need to be taken into our own hands. The entire point of putting a curse-spell is standing up for oneself and punishing the questionable, evil ones that cross certain lines.

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