How to Repair Vinyl Siding: DIY Step-by-Step Guide

In our daily life, we come across some tasks that seemingly look very complicated and we think that we should hire somebody else to do them for us. However, most of these can be done simply by ourselves in just a short amount of time. Similarly, in this guide, we will be instructing you on how to repair Vinyl siding if it has been damaged.

This type of siding is mostly seen on the exterior of our homes and it provides shelter from the incoming sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions and greatly protects our houses. If one has been damaged, it can expose the interior structure of your house to such harsh conditions and it can end up being a liability to the integral structure of your home.

In this guide, you will be instructed about the materials that you require in this process and we will also guide you with the exact method that you can use to perform the repair. Make sure to keep all of your safety equipment on and to adhere to the safety code instructions of your state to ensure that there isn’t any Fire Hazard or any other type of violation.

When we give advice on home repair and building, we always consider general and proven US building standards. We also build our advice on experienced US home owners and credible real estate sources such as PlaceVista.

Materials/Tools Required:

  1. Safety Goggles.
  2. Nail Remover.
  3. New Vinyl Siding Preferably the same make and color as your previous ones.
  4. Box Cutter.
  5. Hammer.
  6. Nails.

How a Vinyl Siding Works and How to Remove the Older one:

  1. A Vinyl Siding is basically made to look like two flaps but they are the pieces of the same plastic that has been molded to look like such, the top of the siding contains the holes into which the nails are hammered to attach the siding firmly to the wall of the home, the bottom of the Vinyl siding if you inspect it, is also curved. Now, below the top where the nails are hammered in, you will see that there is a sort of curved channel present.
  2. When the Vinyl siding is being attached to the wall, first the top is nailed in, and then the new bottom curve of the Vinyl siding that goes on top of this one is inserted into the curved channel of the previous one, and doing so places the above Vinyl siding over the below one in such a way that the “Nail” part where it was hammered is hidden.
  3. This is the way a lot of Vinyl sidings are attached to the side of the house and no Nails can be seen naked. Now, in order to remove this damaged Vinyl siding, you will have to remove the curved bottom of the upper Vinyl siding from the Curved Channel of the one that is to be removed. This can be done by pulling down the upper siding until the latch is sort of removed.
  4. Then, you can slide your finger over the whole length of the upper vinyl siding to remove all the latched upper siding from the curved channel of the below one and this should expose the Nail area of the damaged vinyl siding.
  5. Once this nail area is exposed, you can use the Nail remover to remove them one by one from your house, and once removed, this siding can be removed from the side.
  6. You can remove the whole siding by pressing on it and in this way, all the Vinyl Siding strips that are damaged can be removed from the house.

How to Repair Vinyl Siding:

  1. After the older Vinyl Siding has been removed from the house, we are now able to place the new one in its stead to completely repair the vinyl siding on our home. In order for this to happen, we must first examine the new Viny siding to ensure a couple of things first.
  2. As you examine the end of the Vinyl siding you will notice that the manufacturer cuts the nailing part from the top and the curved channel from the bottom a couple of inches and this is done because this siding expands with higher temperature and shrinks with lower temperature and to avoid any gaping holes or complications with temperature spikes, they provide this extra area to adjust for shrinkage and expansion.
  3. Take the side of the Vinyl Siding that has a couple of inches shoved off and make sure to get this part behind the Vinyl siding that is already installed so that what stays on the front is only the part where the Nailing Side and the Curved Channel is present.
  4. In the same manner, insert the Curved bottom of this siding into the curved channel of the one present below it and make sure that it sort of latches on. After this, nail in the ends of this siding into the wall and make sure to hammer one nail in the middle so that it stays on permanently.
  5. In the end, make sure to insert the curved bottom of the siding above it into the curved channel of this siding to hide its Nailing part completely.
  6. By doing so, you will be able to completely repair the vinyl siding on your house in such a way that no technician or expert help will be required.

How to Repair a Patch of Vinyl Siding

If you want to repair just a small patch of Vinyl Siding and not the whole one, you can do so by cutting the piece of the Vinyl Siding off that you want to remove with a box cutter. After this, cut a piece of similar length from the Vinyl Siding that you might have removed before a new Vinyl Siding Strip. Make sure to cut a slightly larger length than the one cut from the wall.

After getting a slightly larger Vinyl Siding Strip, make sure to cut off its top nailing part about one or two inches from the top and similarly cut off the side of the bottom curved part a bit so that this portion is able to go behind the already present Vinyl siding on the wall.

Once this has been done, insert this portion behind the Vinyl Siding on the wall and install its bottom curved area into the top curved channel of the Vinyl Siding below it. Nail this portion in but make sure not to nail it all the way in, nail it in such a way that it hangs off the wall and isn’t hammered totally into the wall.

In this way, you are able to both insert a totally new Vinyl Siding strip into your wall and also repair a small patch of it according to your requirements.

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