Left Handed Ukulele

Although such an amazing instrument by itself, it is quite a shame that the ukulele is easier to play and deal with if you are a righty instead of a left handed player. 

While the reasons for making a ukulele naturally ideal for right handed users is logical in the best possible sense, it still does not cover the fact that left handed users here have it rough. 

From not being able to work your way around a right handed ukulele to getting confused with which chord goes where, we feel the struggles of a left handed ukulele player. 

However, that is where we come in! In this article of ours, we are going to talk about all the stuff you need to know regarding this fun and sporty instrument when playing as a left handed ukulele user. 

Also, we thought you would like to check out some easy songs to learn on ukulele that will help you kick start your ukulele strumming sessions. The songs listed are really simple, easy and honestly, very beginner friendly so we doubt you’d have any problem with getting your way around them. 

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Flipping the instrument 

This is one of the easiest things that you can do to help yourself play the ukulele right while also being a lefty at the same time. By flipping the ukulele entirely, you will be shifting the weight of the neck to your right hand, therefore the strum area will now be operated with your left hand instead. 

Of course, simply just flipping the instrument will not do you much as you still need to be able to play the product in the right way. So what do you do now? Well, simply said, you just have to take off the chords and re-chord them in the other direction! 

This way, you will actually be creating a mirror image of what the ukulele was like before, but simple shifting it to the other end will allow you to play the instrument by using your dominant hand, i.e. your left hand. 

However, this does come with a few downsides as well, so you might want to first check which other features your right handed ukulele comes with before you flip it over completely. 

For example, most high quality ukuleles come with various controls for pick up and cutaways. These features might create a problem for you since the features are usually built in a way to favor right handed users. 

When flipping the product over, you will be distancing and isolating yourself from the usage of these features, which could limit how well you play the instrument in the first place. 

However, what you can do here instead, is to get a very basic ukulele without any of these features in order to accustom yourself to playing the uke with your left hand. 

Another thing you can do as well is to simply purchase a ukulele that is manufactured particularly keeping left handed players in mind. These ukuleles will come with the necessary features a player needs, however, everything will fall on the left side instead. 

Don’t flip the strings

While the previous section talked about flipping the strings as well as the instrument itself, this section is all about simply flipping the instrument WITHOUT doing anything to the strings of it. Seems weird, right? 

Well, some people who prefer with their left dominant hand actually like this idea, and it does prove to be effective to some extent!

The pros of flipping the instrument only refers to how you can still play the entire instrument without having to deal with the hassle of flipping and reattaching the chords as well. 

However, the cons of it refer to how you now need to replay the sounds of the chords and memorize their positions all over again as they will be played in a mirror position. 

At the same time, the control issues might arise again, since these features usually cater to the placement of the chords of the ukulele. If you are ready to go the extra mile and put in some more effort in re-memorizing the ukulele, then not flipping the strings might work out well for you. 

Speaking of strings, as mentioned before, you can find the best ukulele strings for your instrument by checking us out here

On top of that, you might also want to check out these easy songs to learn on ukulele to give yourself a head-start when playing as a left handed user for the first time.  

Get a left handed ukulele 

When nothing else works for you, you might be required to simply just purchase a ukulele made especially for left handed users. The only problem here is that brands that sell such ukuleles are pretty rare, and those available in the market can be quite hefty on the budget as well. 

This is because of how scarce the production of left handed ukuleles really is, but we are hoping this will change with time and left handed ukuleles will become more affordable and common.

If you can’t find a left handed ukulele, maybe you could try taking professional lessons on playing as a right handed user for a change as well. 


As hard as it can be to play the ukulele as a left handed user, we believe that persistence and determination will help you reach your goals in the end. We hope that you liked this article and that it proved to be of some help to you and to your left handed ukulele struggles. 

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