Types Of Pilates for Weight Loss

Is Pilates effective for losing weight? This is the most asked question of the exercisers. Luckily, we have the answer for you. So, let’s discuss the types Of Pilates for Weight Loss!

Pilates can help you lose weight quickly if you follow the proper routine. In fact, there are many best Pilates apps with workout tutorials to guide you. Besides that, we also took it upon ourselves to help you.

Here is everything you need to know about weight loss through Pilates.

Types Of Pilates For Weight Loss

Pilates is a low-impact way of exercising. That is why you burn calories gradually. However, there are many types of Pilates for weight loss that gives quick results. Below are all the details you require.

1. Fast-Paced Pilates

If you’re a beginner or a novice, you’d know Pilates is typically done slowly. This is meant to help you increase your focus and get used to the exercise. But if your sole purpose is to lose weight by Pilates, you want to do it the fast way.

By picking up the pace, you will promote the burning of calories. However, it is essential to get the flow of breathing right while doing the exercise. The best way to do this is by being mindful and breathing fully.

Increasing your pace while maintaining the flow like usual will help you lose weight in no time. If you want to keep things simple, learn as many Pilates mat exercises as possible and form a routine. Other than that, you can incorporate the use of a resistance band or Pilates ring as well.

2. Reformer Pilates

This is one of the best types of Pilates for weight loss. A reformer is a machine that has a frame similar to a bed. It has a slidable platform and various springs as well. Using the springs, you can customize the equipment to your workout plan.

The reformer helps you to increase your muscles and strength. As a result, you will be burning more fat. If you go to a fitness studio, then you’ll surely find this piece of equipment.

At home, if you cannot afford to buy, you can use other tools to lose weight. For example, a magic circle or a Pilates ball can make your workout more challenging.

3. Piloxing

Piloxing is a recent workout routine that has become a trend. As the name suggests, it is a combo of Pilates and boxing. One hour of Piloxing is effective for burning 1200 calories.

For the workout, you need to wear weighted gloves that should be 250g each. It is a full-body workout that activates all the muscles in your body. Boxing provides the power to increase your strength and burn calories.

Meanwhile, Pilates target your core stability improves flexibility along with posture, and tones your body. Apart from that, there is some dancing as well to keep the workout fun. Initially, you should perform Piloxing twice a week.

Once you’re used to it, you can do it thrice per week as well. Within no time you will meet your goal of weight loss.

Bottom Line

These are the three best types of Pilates for weight loss. They will not only help you burn calories but tone your body as well. Besides that, Pilates exercises are fun to do. So you can get some real work done while enjoying yourself.

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