What to Do If Package Is Stolen (and Package Theft Prevention Tips)

Did you just lose one of your parcels? Again? You are not the only one going through this. Almost all of us have been through this at least once.

Stealing and missing parcels have become so common these days that when we see that one of our parcels is not here, we naturally start to believe that someone took it. You can also get a parcel box for home so that your package remains safe.

One question remains, who took it? Are you wondering the same thing right now? In that case, let’s find out who did!

Who Took My Parcel?

If you are consoling yourself thinking that somehow the parcel ended up in the wrong address or your neighbor might have picked it up for you the sweetheart, wake up! You have been visited by the porch pirates. Your parcel has been stolen. 

What to Do If Package Is Stolen?

What to Do If Package Is Stolen

First of all, don’t panic! In situations like this, panicking or getting enraged won’t help. There are a few sets of steps you need to take in case your parcel hets stole.

We have listed all of them here especially for you. So, if you are wondering what to do if the package is stolen then have a look at the list below-

1. Track it:

Calm down, we are still hopeful that your parcel is still on its way. In that case, check on your payment receipt there must be a tracking code. Go to the website from where you purchased your products. There should be a section to check the status of the delivery. 

Place your unique tracking code and lookup for the delivery status of your products.

If your product hasn’t been delivered yet then you can check where it is right at that moment. In case, it has been delivered there should be details regarding time, address, and the name of the receiver. 

If you are confirmed now that your parcel got stolen then go through the next steps.

2. Cross-check with your neighbor:

Look, we are trying to remain as positive as possible. Now that you know your parcel went missing, you can check if your neighbor picked your parcel up as it seemed unattended to them.

Before jumping to any conclusion just ask them if they have either seen your parcel or if they received it on behalf of you. 

Keep reading if your neighbor did not pick your parcel or did not see anyone dropping by.

3. Contact Seller Immediately:

In most cases, sellers compensate with a refund or sending out the product all over again if your product goes missing. To avail of this feature, you need to provide some information to your seller. 

For instance, you have to give all the details regarding the placement of your order. This includes the serial number and product order confirmation details. If the seller finds you innocent then they will send you either a refund or resend your order to your doorsteps. 

Note that, not all the sellers believe in refund or compensation. Some sellers won’t even bother at all. So, this varies from one seller to another. 

Regardless of all these, you should contact your seller to analyze the situation better and come to a conclusion whether you are getting a refund or not. 

4. File your claim:

No seller ever wants to give you a refund because that would be their loss. As a result, sellers most likely shove this entire thing to the shipping company. In that case, contact the shipping company and file a claim form. This might get you a refund.

5. Credit card claim:

There are some credit card companies that provide full coverage of issues like this. If you purchase certain products entirely through your credit card then the company will provide full security. Note that banks maintain a value limit.

Highly-priced products don’t get covered in some credit cards. So, if your credit card provides this sort of insurance and you bought your parcel entirely using your credit card then reach out to them for further assistance.

Seeing all these you must be getting cold feet from receiving parcels unattended ever again. Don’t worry we can make your fear go away. How? We have gathered the best package theft prevention tips for you.

How to Prevent Package Theft

If you stick to these instructions properly then you won’t have to out trying to figure out what to do if a package is stolen. Follow these steps onwards to avoid likewise inconveniences in the mere future-

  • Set up a video camera. In the front porch. Along with ensuring security to your entire place, this will also cover up the area where your packages will be dropped. This way you can always monitor who drops off a package and who picks it up.
  • Schedule the delivery. Pick a time that is suitable for you. Ask the shipping company to drop your package off only then. This way you can collect your belongings all by yourself and no one will be able to steal your things anymore. 
  • Get smart. Get a smart parcel box for yourself to store your packages and keep them safe from being theft. This way you won’t have to remain tensed wondering what to do if a package get stolen.
  • Get it delivered elsewhere. Even if you can’t pick up your delivery, make sure someone else can. You can get the package delivered at your neighbor’s place or at your office. This lowers the chances of your package getting theft.
  • Request delivery updates. Make sure they notify you when they deliver a package. This way you can always keep a track of the package after receiving it. 


Hope this serves you well! Make sure you follow all these tips onwards to prevent any sort of theft in the mere future.

Even if you do, make sure you go through all the details we have instructed you to go through.

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